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    Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

    Last updated 17 hours ago

    Event planning can be life’s driving force for those who are passionate about it, but it requires a great deal of work and attention to details large and small. If you are in the process of planning an outdoor event and wish to ensure that you no important details are forgotten, consult the event planning tips offered below.

    Plan in Advance
    The earlier you start planning your outdoor event, the more organized it is likely to be. One of the first steps to take after setting a date is to draft a timeline containing every important detail you need to take care of in order for your event to be a success. Included on this timeline should be invitations, food and beverage menus, music playlists, decorations, entertainment bookings, and more.

    Obtain Necessary Permits
    Depending on where you plan to hold your event, you may need to secure a municipal permit in order to host it without running into trouble. If food or alcohol will be served at the event, you may also require licenses from the state health department in order to legally sell these items.

    Rent Fences and Barricades
    Temporary fences and barricades are an effective way to control access to your event. In addition to keeping people who have not paid or were not invited to your event from crashing it, they can also keep out curious wildlife looking to forage around on your event site.

    Ensure That You Have Enough Toilets
    Event attendees will not be pleased if they have to wait in long lines to use the restrooms or the portable toilets at your event venue are unclean. They may remember your event as lacking in comfort and amenities. Avoid this by using a recommended toilet calculator tool to determine the optimal number of toilets needed for your event.

    If you are planning an event in Southern California for which temporary fences, barricades, or portable toilets will be required, call Cal State Site Services, Inc. at (888) 440-6122. For more than 20 years, we have been supplying event organizers with the equipment they need to make their events comfortable and safe for all who attend. 

    A Quick Look at the History of Cal-State Site Services

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Founded in 1991, Cal-State Site Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that specializes in the rental and assembly of equipment required for outdoor events of all kinds. Throughout our more than two decades of service, we have expanded our operations and customer base and now have more than a million feet of temporary fencing and barricade equipment.

    The success of our company can be attributed to our commitment to customer satisfaction and the continuous pursuit of obtaining effective and durable temporary fence and barricade materials to add to our inventory. We do this without compromising our family run atmosphere and ethics.

    The next time you are planning an event in the Los Angeles area and are looking for barricades, rental fences, or portable toilets to make your event site secure and amenable, remember the name Cal-State Site Services. To speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives about our portable toilet rentals and temporary fence solutions, call (888) 440-6122.

    Use This App to Plan Your Next Event!

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Are you a professional event planner who has ever wondered how some of the more time-consuming aspects of your job could be handled more efficiently? If you are nodding your head and thinking about budget management, staging, or any other component of your job description, the Super Planner event planning app is the app for you.

    With this affordable iOS app, many event planning tasks can be made much more manageable for you. Sifting through the various table-and-chair layout options that could work for an event you are planning to find that which is optimal and determining how many toilets are needed for an event based on the venue’s capacity or maximum expected attendance. If you have honed in on a number and are looking for clean, accessible portable toilets to rent for your event, call Cal State Site Services, Inc. at (888) 440-6122.

    How to Choose the Right Fence Rental for Your Needs

    Last updated 19 days ago

    What do planning a major outdoor concert, transforming a large open space into a temporary sports field, and bringing home a new puppy for the first time have in common? Each of these events is made easier with the help of a temporary fence. To determine which type of temporary fence is best-suited to your specific situation, consider the following factors:

    Before you start shopping around for a temporary fence, decide what purpose you want your fence to serve. Is it primarily to control access to or from an area? To keep a sports ball from getting too far from the playing field? To make an area more private or block something unsightly in a neighbor’s yard? Identify this purpose, and then start looking at fence rental options to determine what fence height and material can help your fence fulfill that purpose.

    How much can or do you want to spend on your temporary fence? Setting a fence budget can help you to further narrow down your options. If you require a heavy-duty fence that can withstand the impact of a dog jumping up against it or some similar exertion of force, remember that the cheapest option may not be able to withstand the tests your fence faces.

    Fencing Supplier
    The installation of a fence, no matter how temporary, is vital to its performance. So is the quality of its materials. To increase the likelihood that the rental fence you choose will be suitable for your needs, choose an experienced fence rental company with a strong reputation. This may also pave the way for a more satisfying customer service experience.

    The next time you need a temporary fence for a Simi Valley event you are planning or for any other reason, call Cal State Site Services, Inc. at (888) 440-6122. We offer a range of fence and barricade solutions at fair prices, and our customer service and satisfaction ratings are as high as they can be.

    Emergency Services from Cal State Site Services

    Last updated 25 days ago

    Traffic accidents, building fires, and other catastrophes draw crowds that can prevent the emergency personnel attending to them from effectively doing their jobs. If you identify with this sentiment and would like to be able to remedy such situations and restore order as quickly as possible, then your organization needs an excellent emergency fencing specialist on your side.

    At Cal State Site Services in Simi Valley, we provide specialized emergency barricade and fencing services to organizations and businesses throughout Southern California. Regardless of whether you are looking to temporarily block off a space to prevent a crowd from interfering or you need to secure the site of a damaged building indefinitely, we can help you. We also transport and setup portable toilets that can serve as temporary septic solutions while facilities are deemed unsafe or too unhygienic for use.

    From San Diego to San Luis Obispo, Cal State Site Services, Inc. has the Southern California Coast and inland areas covered. To learn more about our emergency services or arrange to have a temporary fence or portable toilet delivered to your site as soon as possible, call (888) 440-6122.

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